Do Family Courts Favor Mothers?

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Do Family Courts Favor Mothers?

There used to be the prevailing presumption that children should live with their mother after a divorce. However, even though some states have stated that women don’t have a custody

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3 Top Tips for Maintaining Your Gun

Maintaining a gun is an important part of owning one. Without regular maintenance, your gun won’t give you the performance that you expect, and it could even stop working entirely.

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A Closer Look at Video & Audio Redaction

With the prevalent use of digital technology in the field of forensics and law enforcement, personal information is at the risk of exposure. A court-certified forensics specialist extracts digital information

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Commercial Real Estate Financing Options for You

Capital is crucial when considering real estate investments or purchases. You need strong finances to go forward with the purchase. In such cases, commercial real estate financing is perfect for

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Mobile Forensics: What Is It & Why Is It Important?

Mobile forensics involves gathering electronic data for legal evidence purposes. It’s a useful tool investigators use to collect criminal evidence from detailed digital data (difficult to delete). Deleted mobile phone

Everything You Need to Know About Thermoforming

Thermoform is a plastic sheet that’s heated through, after which it’s stretched over a piece of mold to shape into whatever design the manufacturer desires. Let’s look as our injection

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How Asset-Based Lending Can Benefit Your Small Business in 2021

Asset-based loans are relatively low-risk loans that can be acquired through lenders. A business that requires an urgent cash flow can use its assets as collateral to receive the required amount.

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Who’s Responsible for Bike Accidents?

Bikes are considered the most dangerous vehicle globally due to its risks to the rider in case of an accident. An estimated 700 cyclists were killed in bike crashes against

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‘4’ Reasons Your Landlord Needs to Compensate You

Approximately 43 million housing units in the US are occupied by renters, contributing to the house-rental industry with $485 billion every year.

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Should I Take Out a Personal Loan for My Post-Pandemic Vacation?

Have you been dreaming of a post-pandemic vacation but don’t quite have the funds to jet off yet? Your dream holiday might be less far in the distance than you