A Canadian Guide to File Corporate Tax: 2021 Edition

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A Canadian Guide to File Corporate Tax: 2021 Edition

Businesses operating within Canada are liable to pay corporate taxes to the federal and provincial governments. Different provinces have varying methods of how they take care of provincial income tax,

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How to Reduce the Risk of Identity Theft?

Becoming a victim of identity theft is never intentional. You don’t purposely lose your wallet or share your credit card details. But while you can’t control other’s actions toward you,

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When Should You Redact Documents?

Document redaction, also known as “document sanitizing,” refers to the process of removing confidential or sensitive information from a document.   It’s often done with the help of a black

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What Is GAAP?

GAAP refers to a set of commonly accepted accounting principles and standards that are issued by the FASB that all the publicly listed companies are supposed to comply with. All

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How Do You Know Your Identity Has Been Stolen?

Do you suspect there’s been a breach in your personal information sometime after you disposed of your old credit card statements? Misusing personal information to gain either monetary or non-monetary

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3 Identity Theft Myths You Should Avoid

How well can you protect yourself from being duped by identity thieves? You might be surprised by the answer. Generally, 33 percent of U.S. adults have gone through identity theft, which is

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3 Steps You Need to Take If Your Social Security Number Is Stolen

Having your social security card stolen can be overwhelmingly stressful, especially considering how often you use it. Whether it’s at the bank, the doctor’s office, when you’re filing taxes or

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Most Common Disabilities and Injuries After Car Accidents

Car accidents can lead to a host of physical and mental difficulties for those who experience them, in the form of trauma, injuries, and temporary or permanent disabilities, loss of

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3 Emerging Product Innovation Trends in 2021 You Should Know

At one point, voice search engine optimization, data-driven marketing, and artificial intelligence were nothing more than a bunch of ambitious theories. In 2021, they’ve become a top priority for many

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What Are the Different Types of Identity Theft?

Have you ever become a victim of an impersonator hacking your identity? If so, you’re certainly not the first nor the last. With the rapid evolution of technology and the