Annual Fiscal Requirements for Foreign Companies in China

Surviving in the local Chinese market can be a difficult task due to a host of local laws, regulations, policies, and requirements that foreign entities have to comply with. Proper understanding of all the red tape is necessary to flourish in this highly lucrative market.

The Employee Trade Secrecy Agreement: What It Means For Your WFOE in China

Switching or quitting jobs is a common practice all around the world, and China is no exception. Employees often leave the companies they work in for various reasons. For instance, they might want to avail a better employment opportunity or perhaps start their own business.

WFOE Organizational Structure – A Complete Guide

The Chinese economy has become the world’s largest, thanks to 30 years of continuous economic growth. The economy enjoyed double digit growth rates before 2013 and even after 2013, its growth rate hasn’t gone below 6.5%. 

Why You Should Consider Buying a Shelf Company

A shelf company is a company that’s incorporated and then left without any business activity.  In other words, it’s formed to be shelved. Shelf companies are generally formed with the intention to sell. Here’s why you should consider buying a shelf company instead starting from the ground up.

Tips for Entering the Chinese Business-to-Business (B2B) Market

China is expected to surpass the US as the world’s second largest economy by 2020. By Purchasing Power Parity (PPP), it’s already the biggest. There are plenty of reasons for this success—cheap and skilled labor, unhindered supply of materials, effective use of FTZs by the government and high FDI etc. These factors have also led to a boom in the