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All You Need to Know About Motor Vehicle Laws in Indiana

Driving a vehicle requires you to put all five senses onhigh alert. Not only do you need to prioritize your safety,but you also need to be wary of the state

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Gainsville Community Fights to Bail Out Dads as Father’s Day Offering

There’s enough research around to support the hypothesis that the very act of getting arrested—even if one were to be exonerated soon afterward—can have a devastating impact on people. Not only

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Employment Strategies to Hire Staff in China

One of the many challenges that foreign companies face when entering the Chinese market is hiring the right talent. Employees are not only essential to keep the company afloat but

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Importance of Audit Planning for WFOEs, JVs and FIEs Operating in China

Foreign firms and investors operating a business in China are subject to a number of laws and procedures. Companies need to follow all the relevant regulations—local and national—to the dot to

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Will Trade War and Tariffs Affect the Chinese Economy in the Long-Term?

Global supply chains are currently going through realignment on a structural level. While many have attributed it to the Sino-America trade war, there’s more to it than just tariffs and

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Entrepreneur Visa Extensions and Rejections: What Are Your Chances?

Entrepreneur visas in the UK have long been a topic of interest for business enthusiasts around the world. This is evident in the fact that the UK topped the list of

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How the US-China Trade War is Impacting the Global Auto Industry

Trade war and tariffs imposed by Washington and Beijing haven’t only affected the two countries but the global economy as well. Many industries have come in the line of fire,

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The Status of Student Visas in the UK

The UK government has always welcomed students and entrepreneurs with open arms. In fact, it’s the second most popular study destination worldwide. As of 2018, around 450,000 international students were enrolled