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How Bail Bonds Save Lives

You might have heard the outcry regarding overcrowded and overflowing jails. Things like “those guys are consuming our resources, leeching off our taxes, etc.” are not unheard of. But the

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How to Behave at a Hearing

You know how they say no one can judge you—except, that is, for a literal judge, whose stature is far greater than your lawyer’s, and even law enforcement’s. Many people

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Things to Keep in Mind before Applying for a Chinese Working Visa

Before you accept employment in another country, you need to make sure you successfully secure a work visa. This can be a tricky process since applicants are required to submit

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Workplace Injuries: What Are The Business Owners’ Legal Responsibilities To Employees?

Every job comes with a range of hazards and risks for employees. The Labour Force Survey of this year reports that about 581,000 people sustained an injury at work—among these are

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Hong Kong Shelf Companies on the Market Currently: Should You Invest?

Shelf companies are ready-made businesses that have fulfilled all legal requirements of registration and put on hold to be purchased by entrepreneurs.

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Revenge Evictions: What Are Your Rights As a Tenant?

Renting a property requires an understanding between the two parties involved—the tenant and the landlord. As the tenant of a property, you have certain responsibilities and rights just as your landlord

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Hong Kong Shelf Companies: Advantages and Disadvantages

Shelf companies are enterprises that have fulfilled all the legal requirements of registration and put on hold to be purchased by entrepreneurs.

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Procedures to Know Before Opening a Joint Venture Business in China

The Joint Venture is a form of business structure that allows foreign investment. It is created through a partnership between Chinese investors and investors from abroad.

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Understanding Your Rights When You’re Under Arrest

The constitution gives you considerable freedom of speech, but that isn’t all. Under the law, you also have the right to remain silent—and you must have heard about this right

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Reckless Driving and Its Consequences

According to the National Safety Council, for three straight years from 2016–2018, at least40,000 people in the United States lost their lives during road accidents. 2.5 million people were severely injured.