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Is Florida Moving Toward a New York-Like Bail Ban? And What Does This Mean For You?

What do plastic bags and cash bail have in common? That at least one state in the country has banned each in 2020—plastic bags in Oregon, cash bail in New

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3 Generally Unknown Facts about Crime in the US

As cited by Forbes, the US crime rate went down by 5% in 2019. Much credit for this was attributed to President Trump’s criminal justice reforms.

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Who Do You Sue if You’re Involved in a Taxi Accident?

When making a claim for car accident compensation that involves a taxi, you can make your case and win the claim, as long as the incident wasn’t your fault. Whether you

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Pedestrian Accident and Jaywalking in the UK: Who’s At Fault?

While jaywalking might warrant severe penalties in the United States, in the UK, things are a lot different. There’s no offence tied to crossing the road at any point in time.

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Key Man Insurance and Tax Treatment: What You Should Know

In order to protect themselves after the death of a valuable employee or key executive, companies purchase key man (or key person) insurance. Core employees are insured with this policy

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Reasons Why Judges Deny Bail

Whether bail is a fundamental right is still largely debatable in the US. As per the eighth constitutional amendment, the final judgment depends on ‘how expansively the court interprets the provision.’ 

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The Influence of Season on Crime Rates—Reasons To Keep Your Bail Bondsmen On Speed Dial

Seasonal crimes have been a long-standing matter of concern for law enforcement agencies and citizens alike. Of all the different types of crimes, household burglaries, larceny, and motor thefts vary

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The Need to Make Bail Bonds More Accessible—Pretrial Incarceration in America

In 2016, the Supreme Court of Indiana, in a historic move, adopted Indiana Criminal Rule 26. This law allowed the use of pretrial risk assessment and non-financial release of defendants

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The Bail Reform Act of 1984—Conditions When You Can’t Make Bail

Prior to 1984, the bail system in the United States was largely undefined. The Act of 1966 that was used at the time was largely seen as a practitioner’s primer that eventually

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History’s Highest Bails Ever

It might not have been enough to tempt the Guinness World Records, but it certainly is something that you would be interested in—especially if you’re facing the chances of a

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