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Important Money Lessons from The Covid-19 Pandemic

Let’s just be honest: the COVID-19 pandemic caught most of us off-guard, especially when it comes to our finances. Millions of Americans ended up in unprecedented circumstances and lost their

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SEO Marketing for Personal Injury Law Firms: A Guide

Personal injury law firms tend to face unique marketing challenges. Markets across the US are typically crowded for accident and injury lawyers, and high-impact cases that bring publicity tend to

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All You Need to Know About Investing During A Pandemic

The coronavirus impacted the healthcare sector in the worst way imaginable. However, the economic impact was just as profound. The pandemic brought the 10-yearlong US bull market to a halt.

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How to Make your Grad School Dream Happen With Financial Planning?

Paying your way through college is tough, even for the wealthiest people. Tuition fees can amount to $40,000 a year for private schools, and that’s an exorbitant amount that not

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Why Do Retirees Need a Financial Advisor to Manage Their Finances?

Once you retire, you may not have a constant source of income. All you have are the retirement funds, assets, and your wealth to rely on. With that in hand,

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What is Intestacy?

If a person dies without a will and possesses property with a value greater than their outstanding debts, their estate goes into a state of intestacy. Moreover, if a will

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Death Without an Heir: What Happens to the Estate?

After a person dies without an heir, their estate’s future depends on whether they had estate planning documents. If they had a living trust agreement or a will, their assets

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Getting A Document Attested — All You Need to Know

There are several reasons why documents need to be attested and authenticated, especially for official use. Whether as a Canadian travelling abroad, or an immigrant living in Canada, there could

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A Quick Guide to Document Authentication and Legalization Process for Medical Professionals

Medical professionals in Canada are some of the highest-paid workers compared to other service professions. There are over 91,000 physicians in the country, and the number is rising rapidly, especially

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How Has the Pandemic Affected the Prisoners

The United States is one of the worse hit countries due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Ten months into this pandemic, we still see record breaking infection rates per day. The

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