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Can I Start a New Job While Receiving Worker’s Compensation Benefits?

You may want to look for a career change or a new job after going through a workplace injury. Some employees search for jobs with new kinds of work in

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Documents and Their Certified Translations Required for a UK Student Visa Application

The UK is one of the top three destinations in the world for international students. According to the latest statistics (2019/20), a total of 538,615 international students are studying in

Everything You Need to Know About British Citizenship Laws

While British citizens enjoy many privileges that others don’t, acquiring the citizenship can be a pretty complex process. While some cases may differ from person to person, there’s an essential

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Different Professions for People with Disabilities

People with disabilities can often struggle to find the ideal career path for themselves. Finding a job that accommodates your disability can be challenging for many people, rendering many fields

Know Your Rights: What to Do When Under Arrest

According to UK law, police officers can arrest a person if they have a warrant against their name. They can also arrest a person if they believe that a person might

4 Legal Secrets to Reducing Your Taxes

As a tax filer losing all their money to the IRS and the government, you’re entitled to be on the lookout for claiming deductions, credits and reducing your taxes any

Tax Preparation Tips to Ease the Stress of Filing

Just thinking about preparing your taxes can give you a headache and nightmares for days. The daunting task is no joke, with you worrying and stressing over not only about

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NARIC Translation for UK University Applications

When it comes to international students, United Kingdom is the third-best country, only behind the US and Australia. Naturally, this means that thousands of ambitious students want to pursue their

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COVID-19 and the US Immigration System

With the pandemic outbreak and subsequent lockdowns, many countries including the U.S tightened their borders and, on some occasions, even sealed them completely. This practice was to ensure control over

The Complexity of Bilateral Relations

Bilateral relations, whether present or past, have always dealt with questions pertaining to cooperation and conflict, peace and war, regional integration processes, concepts of world order or foreign policies of individual