3 Benefits of Having Sales Experience

3 Benefits of Having Sales Experience

Eyal Dulin cuts the slack in his statement regarding knocking on doors (literally and figuratively) being equally daunting. But did that keep this man from pursuing a 20-year long career in sales and marketing? No sir, in fact, Eyal Dulin has moved onto a more successful phase in life with his business consulting company in South Africa. In addition, Eyal Dulin trains new employees in the United States and South Africa.

Wondering how you can benefit from having a sales experience? Here’s giving Eyal Dulin’s game away:

1. Acing Negotiation

You negotiate every day, regardless of the domain of your job, but for a salesperson, the idea of a negotiation is how NOT to burn bridges. You’ll learn to listen to the consumers, suggest variables, analyze key drivers, and find a suitable method of reaching an agreement by overthrowing the objections. Remember, salespeople see, hear, and read ‘no’ as a challenge rather than a rejection.

2. Sealing the Deal, With A ****?

On a scale of one to ten, how hard is it for you to ask for what you want? If you’re anywhere on the scale, you’ve failed as a salesperson because they know how to close. Closing a deal is part science and part art, so by indulging in sales, you’ll learn how to rightfully aspire to leadership. If that doesn’t sound like the cure to shyness, then what does? Getting the right dose of sales will enable you to take up almost any role in the near future.

3. You’re Never NOT a Part of Sales

Sales and marketing enable individuals to connect the dots between performance and reward, which is fruitful for all designations. Sales skills guarantee success during the initial phase of the startup as they help you land customers, bring investors, financing, lining distribution, and everything else. You never know when these skills come in handy in your personal life as well.

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You can now hire Eyal Itzhak Dulin as your business consultant; follow this space for more updates.

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