3 Emerging Product Innovation Trends in 2021 You Should Know

3 Emerging Product Innovation Trends in 2021 You Should Know

At one point, voice search engine optimization, data-driven marketing, and artificial intelligence were nothing more than a bunch of ambitious theories. In 2021, they’ve become a top priority for many business owners.

And why wouldn’t they be? If you want your business to remain competitive in today’s online landscape, you must adapt to the rapidly evolving changes in product innovation.

Make no mistake; we’re in an era where consumer behaviors and interests are hard to predict, and technology marketing moves fast. The days of marketers sticking their heads in the sand and hoping that the same old educated guesses will work forever are long gone.

Read on to discover 3 product innovation trends for 2021 that will help your business survive—and thrive—in this age of innovation.

1. Ecosystem Integration

Today, many businesses are looking to come up with their own ecosystems where they aim to integrate most of their product and service offerings. In fact, the emergence of IoT devices has marked the need for inter-connectivity between different products. This is why many product development firms should focus on perfecting brand ecosystems. This will allow them to improve user experience and attain a competitive edge in the market. In 2021, product development teams should work on being consistent with the UI and hardware to develop a fully seamless experience

2. Cloud Computing

A study by MIT reveals that 2/3rd of workers who commuted to work before the pandemic had switched to working remotely by July 2020. Harvard Business Review also reports that many businesses, including Twitter and Facebook, are allowing employees to work from home permanently (whose roles allow it to).

There’s not a better bright spot for remote workers in 2020 than cloud computing. People were quick to adapt to technologies like Google Meet and Zoom to stay connected and get their work done. In the product development realm, we learned how to deliver products fast by creating global teams. The product development platforms powered by cloud solutions allowed engineers and innovators to communicate, collaborate, and, therefore, manage design projects in real-time while working from home.

a Facebook employevering digital services from home

3. Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning and AI are the driving force behind technological innovations worldwide. They’re spreading their influence across functional areas and industries. Every hour, an algorithm is being designed to prepare us for the challenges that lie ahead. A couple of hot trends for early adopters include context-aware computing and cognitive computing.

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