3 Examples of How Protests Have Brought Change in America

3 Examples of How Protests Have Brought Change in America

Civic engagement has been plummeting for a while now. And it’s because people have lost faith in the system to the point where they feel that their participation makes little to no difference.

But if you look through America’s history, you’ll find that almost since the very beginning, every major change in US government and policy came through protest. For instance, did you know that there are a whole series of marches and demonstrations behind the final ratification of the equality amendment?

Here are a few other well-renowned protests that have shaped American society and government into what we see today.

The Boston Tea Party — A Crucial Step Toward War for Independence

Did you know that there are only about 22 countries in the world that were not colonized by the British? Yeah, we were not one of them.

The Boston Tea Party was one-of-a-kind. To put it simply—nobody drank any actual tea because Sons of Liberty threw more than 92,000 pounds of British tea into the Boston Harbor—wow!

This was done as a show of defiance to British rule. The East India Company, with the parliament’s help, was trying to boost its revenue by taxing the tea, but naturally, the colonies weren’t ready to bear the brunt of this decision. So, they did the only logical thing possible, i.e., tossing the tea.

The parliament grew angry and decided to punish the American colonies with the Coercive Acts, but that backfired terribly and only pushed the masses towards the War of Independence!

The March on Washington — Closer to The Civil Right Act of 1964

Crowd gathered near the Washington monument during the march on Washington

Black Lives Matter is one of the latest movements for the rights of Blacks. But the efforts have been ongoing for decades and have made massive differences in the lives of black Americans.

Ever heard the “I Have A Dream” speech? That masterpiece came about at the end of the march.  The march itself was 200,000 marching on the streets of Washington, demanding racial justice and equality.

The march didn’t bring immediate changes, but it did make an impact. In fact, it influenced President Kennedy and Congress to take the civil rights movement more positively. This eventually led to the Civil Rights Act being passed in 1964.

The March for Our Lives — Led to The Safety Act

The march of our lives took place more recently in 2018, and you probably even followed it on mainstream media. It was a movement that came about after the mass school shooting in Florida.

A series of protests took place and propelled a nationwide movement calling for better gun control laws to enhance school safety and prevent mass shootings. This eventually resulted in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Safety Act, which was implemented in Florida along with some other states incorporating some laws from the act over time.

These protests show that civil discourse and dialogue, as well as civil movements, can change the course of history, especially here in America.

If you’re tired of the partisan politics rampant these days and are looking for bipartisan news sources to support, head over to Divided We Fall’s website. Their Theory of Change is also something you might want to learn more about!

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