3 Things to Consider When Deciding between Pleading Guilty or Not Guilty to Firearm-related Charges in Tijuana, Mexico

3 Things to Consider When Deciding between Pleading Guilty or Not Guilty to Firearm-related Charges in Tijuana, Mexico

One of the main reasons Tijuana has exceptionally strict gun laws is because of the city’s homicide rate. Unfortunately, 138 out of every 100,000 residents in Tijuana have been impacted by homicides this year and guns are responsible for a majority of the lives lost.

While cartels are primarily responsible for gun violence in Tijuana, now and again individuals with no affiliations to criminal organizations get charged with gun crimes. This begs the question—if you ever find yourself in this scenario, should you plead guilty or not guilty?

Here are three questions worth asking yourself before you decide between pleading guilty and not guilty to firearms-related charges in Tijuana, Mexico.


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1. Is the Evidence Against You Irrefutable?

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If you ever face firearms-related charges in Tijuana, it’s vital to consider whether the evidence against you is incontrovertible. Mexico switched to an adversarial justice system 14 years ago, which means defendants are considered innocent until proven guilty. It also means it’s mandatory under Mexican law for both the prosecution and the defense to present evidence directly to the judge.

Therefore, if the evidence against you is irrefutable, you’re better off pleading guilty. Why? Because you’ll face heavier penalties if you plead guilty and the court overturns your plea! If you’re unsure whether the evidence against you is enough to overturn a not guilty plea, we recommend reaching out to a seasoned firearms violations defense attorney in Tijuana. They’ll draw upon their legal knowledge and experience to let you know how to plead based on the prosecution’s evidence.

2. Do You Have a Criminal Record?

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Did you know that according to Article 90 of the Mexican Federal Penal Code, judges have the right to suspend the execution of penalties if the sentenced person isn’t a repeat offender? In other words, if you’ve never been convicted of a crime before, the penalties against you aren’t likely to be harsh. Therefore, if you’re not a repeat offender, pleading guilty to a firearms-related charge might not be as punitive as you think.

Unfortunately, the severity of the punishment for pleading guilty to a firearms-related charge in Mexico depends on the judge and the evidence against you. Therefore, it’s worth consulting a firearms crimes attorney in Tijuana before deciding whether to plead guilty—even if you’re not a repeat offender!

3. What Else Are You Being Charged With?

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Imagine facing a firearms possession charge in Tijuana. Now imagine being charged with firearms and drug possession. Would your decision to plead guilty or not guilty change depending on which scenario you’re in? We’re willing to bet the answer is yes!

If you’re charged with multiple crimes, you’ll have to decide how to plead for each charge. Unfortunately, evidence for one charge could serve as evidence for another—so it’s worth considering what else you’re being charged with before making your pleas. The last thing you want is to plead guilty to one charge, not guilty to another charge, and find out the prosecution has a single piece of evidence that finds you guilty on both accounts!

If you want professional help to decide whether to plead guilty or not guilty to firearms-related charges in Mexico, we recommend getting in touch with a gun crimes lawyer in Tijuana like Meneses Legal. They’ve helped countless clients defend themselves in cross-border gun crime cases as well as contraband trafficking and drug possession cases. They also help clients charged with alleged sexual assault and homicide.

Prepare your plea with the help of a professional firearms defense attorney in Tijuana by getting in touch with Meneses Legal today!

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