4 consumer rights to know when buying a car

4 consumer rights to know when buying a car

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Are you planning on buying a car? It is always important to make sure you’re completely happy before signing any contracts or paying any money. However, you do have rights when buying a car and you should learn what these are before you look to buy.

The Consumer Rights Act came into force on 1 October 2015 and covers the purchase of goods, digital content and services. This includes new and used cars from official dealers as well as servicing, repairs and maintenance work. Please note, this does not apply to private sales.

What are my rights?

  1. Products must be satisfactory quality

Any vehicle you buy must be of a standard a reasonable person would expect (age, value, history, mileage, make and description). Even though an old car with high mileage would not be expected to be as good as a young car, they should all still be reliable and condition consistent with its age and price.

  1. Fit for purpose

You need to be able to use the vehicle for normal purposes (including any particular purpose that you tell the vehicle beforehand). For example, short journeys.

  1. Wear and tear

The dealer is also not liable if they drew your attention to the full extent of any fault or defect before you bought the car.

  1. Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations

Dealers must also comply with the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations (2008), which prohibit them from engaging in unfair business practice.

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Faults, repairs and refunds

0 – 30 days:

The buyer is entitled to reject it a product within the first 30 days if it is not satisfactory quality, not fit for purpose or not as described.

30 days – 6 months:

  • If there is a fault during this time you’re entitled to a repair, replacement, or refund.
  • If the fault was present at the time of purchase unless the seller can prove otherwise.
  • The seller (dealer) has only one opportunity to repair (or replace) the faulty vehicle. If they don’t, you’re entitled to a refund.
  • If you’re being refunded after a failed attempt to repair the vehicle during the first six months, the seller can make a ‘reasonable’ adjustment to the amount refunded to take account of the use that you’ve had of the vehicle.

After 6 months

The responsibility to repair is on you at this point.

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