4 Reasons Why Your Organization Could Use a Design Audit in 2021

4 Reasons Why Your Organization Could Use a Design Audit in 2021

Good design enables easier interaction. As such, good design is important not just for specific products or services of a company, but for every part of a business that its consumers interact with in any way.

Consider this: while it’s important for a company to have well-designed products, it’s equally important for those products to be sold in a store that prioritizes the requirements of its customers, or on a website that’s been built keeping readability and efficient access in mind.

There’s no shortage of tools and metrics that can help a business determine if its design efforts are being validated by its consumers. However, what’s missing from a company’s design approach can be harder to identify.

The answer lies in conducting a design audit. Here’s why:

1. A Holistic Evaluation

With the help of a design audit, a business can easily assess all the parts of a product or service, see how they contribute to the whole, and determine where there’s room for improvement.

In addition to possible improvements, a design audit can also reveal the features that, in their current form, don’t work at all.

Such features can then be redesigned, or replaced entirely.

2. Some Actionable Advice

Similar to other audits, a design audit also examines things as they are.

Actionable advice can then be derived from what’s already been proven to work elsewhere, and from recommendations that are designed to elevate the customer experience.

3. Consistent Functionality

No matter the size, scope or industry of a business, a design audit can help it detect inconsistencies at every level.

Disparate, inconsistent elements rarely amount to a successful brand.

If a company is to find its niche, make its mark, and be embraced by its target demographic, it needs to ensure uniformity in its design, functions, and services.

4. Compelling Insights

A design audit is to an organization what annual check-ups are to people.

A doctor’s appointment reveals to a person what is and isn’t working for them, and where they could do with some lifestyle changes and improvement.

Similarly, a design audit gives a business insights about whether a product or service is relevant for its consumers, what values it adds to their lives, whether there is something uncertain about the product interface, and how effectively all the design elements come together.

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