4 Reasons to Use an Order Fulfillment Service

4 Reasons to Use an Order Fulfillment Service

An order fulfillment service is an in-house service operated by a third-party warehouse that prepares and ships orders.

For retail businesses, order fulfillment can be an arduous process. Despite being careful with managing orders, it’s nearly impossible to administer every department single-handedly. That’s when the need for an outsourced fulfillment company comes in. 

Order fulfillment services involve receiving orders, processing them, and delivering the products to consumers.


Reduced Operating Costs

Hiring an order fulfillment service can reduce infrastructure and logistical expenses. Most businesses may encounter seasonal fluctuations – especially when it comes to order fulfillment. During peak seasons, additional workers may be required while storage and rent prices tend to increase.

Since many businesses can’t hire temporary workers or purchase new warehouses, an order fulfillment service is a great alternative.


Minimal Shipping Costs

Due to their contracts with various shipping companies across the country and overseas, most order fulfillment services can provide low shipping costs. They might as well offer discounts for bulk deliveries and help you save anywhere between 15%-35% on shipping rates. Order fulfilment companies are likely to have branches throughout the country, which further helps reduce costs.


Growth of E-Commerce Businesses

Most businesses are switching to e-commerce to keep up with the demands of consumers amidst the pandemic. As purchasing goods has become faster and more convenient, buyers expect those goods to be packed and shipped in an organized manner.

Since this part of the supply chain can be the most time-consuming, hiring an order fulfillment service can help you manage these orders and let you focus on the more important parts of your growing business.


Reliable Customer Service

Customer service can largely impact the efficiency of a business. Readily available customer service deals with the return and refund policies in a hassle-free way. Robust customer service can significantly boost the company’s growth and sales.

An order fulfillment company addresses the customers’ demands and handles returns, refunds, exchanges, and other complex matters.


Order fulfillment service

Are you looking for a logistics service provider to expand your business? 3PLWOW is an order fulfillment service for eCommerce companies based in the UK. In addition to picking and packing your goods, they also offer storage services before finally shipping them worldwide.

To learn more about third-party fulfillment services, get in touch with them via their website.

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