4 Signs of Allergies You Might Be Overlooking

4 Signs of Allergies You Might Be Overlooking

Warm summers followed by harsh winters and extreme cold temperatures in many parts of the United States have all but caused a spring packed with pollen. Around 50 million Americans suffer from seasonal allergies and are likely to be feeling worse for wear right now.

While most people with allergies may experience symptoms like watery eyes and nose, itchy throat, and sneezing, there are plenty of other symptoms that get overlooked simply because people are unaware of them.

Excessive mucus from allergies may lead to bacterial growth in the sinuses, causing you to fall sick.

At times, your healthcare provider may not recognize the following symptoms as related to your allergies. As a result, they may be misdiagnosed, causing your immune system to weaken as your treatment gets delayed.

Therefore, it’s essential to look out for these lesser-known allergy symptoms proactively:


People with seasonal allergies may often experience headaches along with their nasal symptoms. However, if the headache is an isolated incident—without a runny nose or sneezing —it may still be an allergy symptom caused by the increase in airborne allergens.

A frontal headache may be one of your first signs that allergy season is here.

Itchy Ears:

People who experience itchiness in the ears seasonally may mistake it for an ear infection or swimmer’s ear, but if your ear canal is inflamed, it may be because of an allergic reaction. Itchy ears can be controlled with antihistamines or prescription ear drops, but check with your general physician first.


A Sore Throat, First Thing In The Morning:

If you are experiencing a stuffy nose, you may have spent the night sleeping with your mouth open. However, this causes the moisture in the mucosal tissues in your mouth and throat to evaporate as you breathe. As a result, you may feel thirsty during the night and have a sore throat in the morning. You may even find yourself coughing up a yellow-brown lump of phlegm while brushing your teeth and experience the sore throat going away soon after.

Skin Rash:

Allergic skin reactions are usually thought to be caused by food allergies or other chemical substances. However, it’s possible to get eczema when there are high airborne allergen levels during the season.

Before attempting to self-diagnose and self-medicate using your regular medication, it’s crucial to speak to your doctor to get an allergy diagnosis.

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