5 Types of Gun Vaults and Their Uses

5 Types of Gun Vaults and Their Uses

The safest way to store your guns is to invest in the best handgun safe. These safes provide a degree of protection from intruders and prevent unauthorized individuals from using your weapon. These safes also keep guns safe from damage and ensure that children cannot reach them by accident. There are different types of gun safes available in the market, and you need to choose which one is best suited for you according to the product’s features and your needs.

1. Biometric Gun Safes

As the name suggests, you can open these gun safes by providing a biometric scan. The system unlocks by scanning your fingerprint instead of using codes or passwords. You have a unique fingerprint, meaning no one else has a similar pattern of ridges and lines like yours, making this safe very secure.

2. Electronic Gun Safes

This safe makes use of an electronic keypad to access the safe. When you purchase such a safe, you will be required to program your code into the safe and use the combination to unlock it. You can change the password if you are suspicious of others.

3. Mechanical Gun Safes

You can open these safe by using keys. Some of them have mechanical push buttons.

Mechanical pistol safes require the use of a key or mechanical push-buttons to unlock. These safes are compact which makes them suitable to be placed in your car. These safes are smaller and have space for only one handgun. This is so that the safe is small enough to fit in your car.

You can use these California DOJ Approved In-Vehicle Gun Safe Vault to store other valuables as well. You can use mounting brackets to attach the car safe to your seat or dashboard. This makes the safe portable and allows you to easily move the safe from your car to another location.

a safe mounted inside the car


4. Under-Bed Gun Safes

These safes are small in size, and you can place them under your bed. The gun can be accessed by a sliding drawer so that you can access it easily. These gun safes are particularly useful as you can equip the firearm as soon as you need to. If you need to defend yourself, you can gear up in a matter of seconds.

5. In-Wall Gun Safes

These safes are built inside the wall to make them inconspicuous. You can hang a painting or picture in front of the safe’s door and hide it. You can also hire a decorator to camouflage the door into the wall, making it invisible to those who don’t know it exists, making it a safe place to store your guns.

Titan Vault provides top-notch automobile handgun safe to keep your firearms secure. Their easy but secure storage solutions allow you easy access to your gun and keep it safe from intruders. Visit their website and purchase the best California DOJ approved gun cases, sliding gun safe and gun vault today.

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