Applications of Digital Forensics

 Cell Phone Data Extraction

Digital forensics is the use of computer science and other information technology to analyze, investigate, and collect evidence. It aims to find out what happened in an incident, but its results are also used in courts of law as part of a criminal or other forms of investigation. The goal is to obtain, analyze, and interpret information in a manner that facilitates understanding of events surrounding the subject. Learn about the various applications of digital forensics in this article.

Computer Crime Investigation

With cybercrime on the rise, investigators use digital forensics to determine who illegally accessed or destroyed information on a computer system. This also helps with cases related to computer hacking and identity theft.

Internet Child Pornography Investigations

Investigators use digital forensics to identify and track down people who distribute child pornography over the Internet or possess it on their computers.

Intellectual Property Theft Investigations

Digital forensics can help determine when the intellectual property has been stolen or copied without permission. For example, if someone steals your business plan and uses it as their own without paying you for it, then digital forensic techniques can show that they did so by finding copies of your original plan on their computers or servers.

Solve a Variety of Crimes

Forensic analysis can be used in the investigation of a wide range of crimes, including homicide, theft, kidnapping, arson, blackmail, drug trafficking, racketeering, and organized crime. They also help identify human trafficking and slavery. They can also aid with cases related to terrorism/extremism, including hate crimes which sadly have been on the rise, sabotage, or vandalism committed against property.

Copyright Infringement

They also help provide evidence of corruption (e.g., bribes, kickbacks), trade secrets theft or industrial espionage (espionage), insider trading/insider information abuse (financial fraud), and forgery (i.e., counterfeiting). Digital forensics also aid cases related to a divorce case or other legal matters.

 Data Extraction Algorithms.


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