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The Price of Plagiarism in Academic Writing

Plagiarism in academic settings is more common than you’d think. One survey revealed that more than 50% of high school students had committed an act of plagiarism in the preceding

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Common Small Business Tax Deductions Missed in Canada

There’s nothing more that irks entrepreneurs than paying more tax than they owe. If you own a small business, the chances are that you may have missed some tax deductions.

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A Primer on What You Should Expect from a Probate Lawyer

Legal interactions are seldom a cause for celebration; they often follow some legal dispute, like a divorce or injury. What’s even worse is that these interactions are almost always complicated.

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Never Made a Will? Understanding Who Will Inherit If You Die Without One

While it may be difficult to draft a will—either because you’d rather not face the inevitable at the moment, or you cannot seem to make the time to do it—any

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What Is the Difference Between A Will and A Trust?

Both, the will and trust are essential components of estate planning. You’d be surprised to know that over 55% of Americans haven’t written out a will.

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Why The Guidance of a CPA Can Be Invaluable When Starting a Business

Most people are aware of the importance of consulting a lawyer before starting a business due to the legal steps in the process. A lesser-known yet equally-important consultation before establishing

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Why Do People Migrate? A Closer Look at Immigration Trends

Canada has a reputation for being very welcoming of immigrants from all over the world. Being home to immigrants since the 16th century, it has established a legacy of pioneering

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How To Pick A Country To Immigrate To

As of 2017, more than 250 million people were reported to be living outside their country of origin. Immigration has become even more common than it was a few decades

How The Canadian Government Is Supporting Small Businesses During the Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic generated a recession dwarfing the 2008 housing crisis. Accordingly, the pandemic also galvanized governments around the world to respond to the crisis. Businesses are particularly vulnerable to

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3 Best Countries for Immigrants

Canada is often seen as the dream destination by immigrants, but the country has its fair share of emigrants as well who leave the country for various purposes. Be it