How Bail Bonds Save Lives

How Bail Bonds Save Lives

You might have heard the outcry regarding overcrowded and overflowing jails. Things like “those guys are consuming our resources, leeching off our taxes, etc.” are not unheard of. But the people who raise these selfish concerns don’t really spare one moment to think about the people who are actually in prison.

If we look at the number of people—U.S. residents—who are in jail, await their trials, no matter what day it is, this is the number: some half a million people. Shocked? Well there’s more where this came from. Some people—the innocent ones as well as those that aren’t—may have to wait for as many as 4 years just to get to the court phase.

That’s 4 years of their lives—1460 days—wasted. Their careers, families, ambitions, gone. All because the system is too slow.

The Discriminatory Bail System

Ever since cash bail became a thing, it became easier for some people—those that had that kind of money, for example—to get out of jail whereas it kept becoming difficult for others. People would get arrested—for even minor charges—and would be assigned a bail amount. Not being able to pay their bail meant that they had to languish in jails until they had done their time.

Other Complications

Money Count

It isn’t just that those that are arrested have to wait for their day in court or have to serve jail time because of their inability to pay bail. Once you’re not able to get out of jail, you can’t meet with your lawyer more freely. There’s little privacy, and your case suffers as a result.

Moreover, the longer you languish in jail, the more the chances of you getting a harsher sentence. These long years in jail also have a drastic effect on people’s mental health. After all, being locked away in a cell and away from your family can be frustrating. In desperation, many men end up trying to escape or pick fights with other inmates—which leads to them being in further trouble.

The Consequence

As a result, these people continue to stay in jail, and those outside of prison continue to blame those that are inside of crowding jails. Although by no fault of their own, they find their physical, mental, and psychological health in the balance. This slow-working system can destroy lives—whereas bail bonds help save them.

How Bail Bonds Help

Let’s say you or a loved one of yours has been arrested in Gainesville, Florida. You reach out to us at Lee Calhoun Bail Bonds, and we post bail for you as soon as possible. You’re out of jail within a few days for only a small 10% fee, and you’re free to work with your lawyer at peace. Once you’ve had all your court hearings, you’ll have nothing more to worry about, and you’ll have avoided a terrible future suffering in prison.

Sounds good, right? Then call us at (352) 379-9100 if you’re in such a situation!

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