Why Are Businesses Preferring Permanent Financing in the US?

Why Are Businesses Preferring Permanent Financing in the US?

Debt is often considered to be the bane of any business. However, if an organization wishes to scale quickly, acquiring debt can be a reasonable strategy. Companies can incur debt in various forms. Similarly, debt is also incurred on different time schedules. Many businesses prefer long-term debt in the United States and worldwide because it provides more flexibility for the borrower to pay back the borrowed money.

Most short-term debts require the borrowed sum to be paid back with interest in 12 months. On the other hand, long-term debt grants the borrower leeway as repayment occurs after 12 months. In some cases, the repayment structure may even take years or decades.

What is Permanent Financing?

Permanent financing refers to a long-term loan or debt instrument. The period for these loans tends to be unusually long. However, unlike the name suggests, permanent loans are not genuinely endless. Most of these loans involve repayment within two or three decades, which is considered an exceptionally long time in the business world.

Permanent financing is typically obtained for the purchase of fixed assets such as machinery or factories. These debts are often used in the real estate sector to finance building constructions or redevelopments and are better known as mortgages. The pay-off from fixed assets and commercial real estate tends to take time, which is why permanent financing makes sense as risks of liquidation or defaulting on the debt are reduced.

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Here’s Why Businesses are Opting for Permanent Financing

An increasing number of businesses are opting for permanent financing. There are several reasons why a longer-term loan may be more suitable for most companies.

Equity Retention

Equity financing is another method of raising capital for projects. This method involves exchanging equity for funds, resulting in the business attaining the finances they need for their pursuits while the lender is granted an ownership stake in the company. However, equity financing is undesirable for many organizations. They do not want to give up a stake in their company to raise capital, especially if they believe that the company will grow to a much larger valuation in the future. Instead, such firms may opt for permanent financing for their ventures.

Rapid Growth Rate

Every business wishes to grow at a rapid rate. Stagnant companies are often considered to be on the verge of failure by many investors. However, swift growth can sometimes be a detriment to the company. These companies require extra capital to keep up with their accelerating growth and look to external sources for financing. Firms experiencing such a position can assess the option for a permanent financing solution as it may suit them better.


Interest on loans is tax-deductible, making financial sense for prudent companies due to its cost-effectiveness.

Shareholder Approval

Arranging long-term loans can be less complex than offering equity for companies due to shareholder approval. Shareholder approval takes time as a meeting must be called; and time is of the essence in the business world.

Arranging Financing

Finding a suitable financial lender can be a challenging task to navigate through. Businesses seeking to raise capital through long-term debt instruments can contact Global Capital Partners Fund. Global Capital Partners Fund LLC is an asset-based lender based in New York. They are one of the pioneers in the debt-instrument market, offering asset-based loans in Toronto and Vancouver. They also provide other services such as bridge financing and private lending.

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