Why You Can’t Translate Your Own Documents Even If You’re Fluent

Why You Can’t Translate Your Own Documents Even If You’re Fluent

If you’ve even been asked to get a certified translation, you would have probably wondered whether or not you can translate your own documents, right?

Here, we highlight why you can’t translate your own documents even if you’re fluent.

Why can’t I translate my own documents?

If you’re applying for a UK passport or visa, you’ll have to get a certified translation. For other applications, it depends. Our recommendation is, check with the one asking for the translation to see if they need that additional declaration from the translator that certifies it.

Offering a certified translation means that a certified translation must translate your documents. For example, the professionals at Translation Online can translate your documents and will attach an info page with their name/contact details, stamp, signature, and logo. This is exactly what’s needed to call a document a ‘certified translation’ – something that you won’t be able to offer.

Is the translator required to post the original hard copy of the translation and certification?

Nope – it’s a common misconception. The translator can email their declaration and translation to you, and you can print it off yourself, which will help you save postage money. Remember, the translator’s signature isn’t required, so they don’t need to print the declaration on their end (unless you would like them to post a copy because you can’t print it yourself).

Note that you’ll need to send the original copy of your foreign certificate to the passport office if you’re applying for a passport or visa – but copies of the declaration and the translation are fine.

What should a certified translation include?

The certification should include the following important elements:

  • The full name and contact details of the representative of the translation company or the translator
  • The date of the translation
  • A statement from the translator claiming that the translation is an accurate and true translation of the original document

a man offering marriage certificate translation service

Translation Online’s official document translation is accepted by all UK universities

Translation Online’s professional translation services are available across every major language. They work with native speakers for every language they translate for.

Reach out to them directly for more information on their home office-approved translation!

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