Car Accidents As A Pedestrian: Your Right To Claim

Car Accidents As A Pedestrian: Your Right To Claim

All of us know the risks that come with driving. However, as a pedestrian, you might think that you’re safer while walking on the sidewalk or crossing the zebra crossing. You expect drivers to follow the rules and not to become a problem for you. But that’s not always the case.

According to the latest research from 2018, the UK has successfully maintained the record of providing excellent road safety. Only around 28 fatalities were recorded for a million residents. However, this doesn’t mean that pedestrians don’t get into an accident.

What most pedestrians don’t know is that they can lay a pedestrian claim if they were hit by a car while on the road. The only rule for that is the pedestrian shouldn’t be at fault. Here are some scenarios that we frequently come across:

Being Hit By A Car While On The Sidewalk Or On A Crossing

You would have a stronger case if you were hit and injured by a vehicle that bolted right into the pavement. Regardless of the state that the driver was in, they violated the traffic safety rule and will be held accountable. Moreover, if it was a hit-and-run accident and the driver managed to flee the scene, you can still claim for personal injury compensation.

Being Injured When Avoiding An Approaching Vehicle

You might have been successful in avoiding an approaching vehicle by diving in the opposite direction. The vehicle might not have hit you directly, but you might have sustained some injuries while protecting yourself. In this case, you can lay a personal injury claim against the driver.


Being Hit When Not On The Designated Pedestrian Crossing

If we expect the drivers to follow traffic rules, they expect pedestrians to do the same. Personal injury claims can get tricky to deal with if you were present in the middle of the road—and not at the designated pedestrian crossing. If a vehicle were to hit you while you were crossing from an undesignated route and you stopped in the middle of the road, you might be at fault. However, if the driver was driving above the speed limit, they’ll be held accountable for the accident.

However, in these kinds of cases where both parties are at fault, the liability is split depending on who was more at fault.

If you’re looking for a personal injury claim solicitor in Wembley to advise you on pedestrian accident claims, you can get in touch with the lawyers at Wembley Solicitors. They’re a law firm offering legal support for personal injury victims filing pedestrian claims.

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