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Do Active Shooter Drills in US Schools Work?

Shooter drills are common in most US high schools. It’s one of the risk management methods to deal with or prevent school shootings as much as possible. However, these drills

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Government’s Response to States Hit by the Deadly US Tornadoes 2021

The deadliest tornado outbreak in the history of the United States left at least 84 dead across six states, including Missouri, Kentucky, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Illinois. The president of the

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Why Civilian Casualties are Still a Problem in the United States

When you think about civilian casualties, the first thing you think about is a war-torn country. However, first-world nations such as the USA also continue to serve as hubs of

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Demystifying Homeowner’s Insurance

When it comes to homeowner’s insurance, some misconceptions are better left in the past. Homeowner’s insurance is not just about making your house or possessions safe from damage caused by

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Umbrella Insurance Plans: Are They a Good Idea?

Umbrella insurance LA is a form of excess liability insurance that provides the main policyholder with coverage above and beyond what they have purchased from their primary insurance company. In

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5 Types of Property Damages You Can Obtain Insurance For

If you’ve ever experienced a loss of property, you know the grief and anger that comes with losing possessions. But what might not be so clear is how insurance can

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Botched Surgery? Here’s What You Should Do

Surgeries—cosmetic surgeries in particular—are becoming more and more common, but so are the associated medical blunders. The U.S has the highest number of plastic surgeons in the world, with more

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Disaster Insurance – How Does It Work?

  Natural disasters have escalated over the past few decades due to extreme changes in the climatic conditions and continued construction of buildings in high-risk areas. As natural disasters like

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Who Manages Payment For Natural Disasters?

Natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornadoes have the power to upend lives and put a substantial financial burden on governments, residents, and businesses. In addition to that, large-scale disasters

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What You Should Look for in a Personal Injury Attorney

Looking for an attorney to represent you but don’t know what to look for? A personal injury claim is serious and how well you can pursue compensation can have a

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