Arrest and Bail

How Florida Bail Bonds Work

Bail in the Sunshine State isn’t always a summery concept, and the nitty-gritty involved is liable to make the layman confused. What do you do if you can’t pay your

Here’s What Happens if You Don’t Show Up for Court

You’d think people who were given a chance to appear in court and clear up future complications would grab at the opportunity—but many choose not to face the music. In

The Proper Way of Handling Your First Criminal Charge

Being arrested is never easy. For many, it’s a traumatizing experience that stays with them forever. This is because it affects not only the arrestee, but also their friends, family,

Bail Bonds—What They Are and How They Work

You’ve seen it on your favorite TV shows and heard it on the news—“so-and-so is out on bail”. So what does being out on bail mean? What happens when you

A Complete Guide on How to Act During a Bank Robbery

Remember that unforgettable opening scene from The Dark Knight that has since become cinematic canon? In what is arguably the most famous bank robbery scene in Hollywood, the bank manager thinks it’s a

Tips for Choosing the Right Bail Bond Company

People don’t really know what to expect from bail bond companies until they actually have to work with them. The world of law and court can be intimidating but with

The Importance of a Bail Bond Agent in your Bail Process

Although the cash bail system has been going through some major scrutiny recently, it’s still very much a part of Florida’s justice system. More often than not, defendant’s find themselves unable

Offenses With the Highest Bail Amounts in Indiana

The bail system in the United States has been set-up to ensure that no one has to spend more time in jail than has been prescribed for any of the

What’s the Role of a Bail Bondsman?

Defendants often reach out to bail bond agencies because they can’t afford the bail amount. It’s common for judges to set a high amount; especially for defendants that seem to be

A Guide to Keeping Your Bail Privilege

According to Florida’s constitution, every defendant has a right to bail unless the judge finds them to be a flight risk and no conditions can ensure their appearance in court,