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A Guide to Successful Co-Parenting

Co-parenting might sound like a scary concept, especially right after splitting from your partner. Creating a home and family takes years of effort and energy, and watching it fall apart

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Suspect Abuse in Your Parents’ Nursing Home? What You Should Do

Taking care of our elderly parents is a daunting task that many of us don’t believe we’d be able to handle. It’s a common occurrence to place them in a

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The Most Common Tax Filing Mistakes Business Owners Make & How to Avoid Them

Most small business owners don’t pay enough attention to their taxes because they’re focused on attracting new customers and generating sales. The only time taxes are important is during tax

3 Benefits of Having Sales Experience

Eyal Dulin cuts the slack in his statement regarding knocking on doors (literally and figuratively) being equally daunting. But did that keep this man from pursuing a 20-year long career

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4 Genius Bookkeeping Tips for Up-and-Coming Businesses

Bookkeeping and accounting can be tedious and time consuming for business owners, especially if transactions are not classified properly and bank accounts remain unreconciled. However, this function is crucial for

Everything You Need to Know About Thermoforming

Thermoform is a plastic sheet that’s heated through, after which it’s stretched over a piece of mold to shape into whatever design the manufacturer desires. Let’s look as our injection

Can Social Media Help Develop Politically Active Global Communities?

There’s an ongoing global debate about whether social media is a tool that can support wider democratic political participation. Addressing the question, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, Facebook, published a ‘Building Global

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3 IRS Penalties to Avoid

For all of their assets, liabilities, and income over the year, businesses need to pay taxes depending on their income. The IRS is fairly strict in its policies, and with

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4 Common Tax Return Mistakes

Tax returns are documents that help you specify the amount of tax you’re liable for to the authorities. The documentation is fairly strenuous due to a large amount of paperwork

Everything You Need to Know About British Citizenship Laws

While British citizens enjoy many privileges that others don’t, acquiring the citizenship can be a pretty complex process. While some cases may differ from person to person, there’s an essential