How Credit Card Debt Can Ruin Your Life

Credit cards are an essential financial tool that any adult today should possess. They help you spend on everything from day-to-day essentials to luxury items and emergency cash while helping

Money Matters: The Basis of Financial Management

  The functions of financial management are generally concerned with the allocation, procurement, and control to regulate an adequate supply of resources alongside the optimum utilisation of funds that guarantees

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3 Alternatives to Divorcing in Court

Divorce can be an overwhelming experience for both parties involved. If you’re not happy with your married life, divorce might seem like the only option available. But before you go

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Can CCTV Footage Be Used In Court?

Surveillance cameras are widely used to obtain evidence in criminal cases. The footage recorded by CCTV cameras is quite helpful in identifying criminals and suspects, especially in robbery cases. As

Places to Visit in The Central African Republic

The Central African Republic is known all over the world for its diversity and beauty. It’s landlocked between several warn-torn countries, which might make traveling a bit difficult. However, if

Why Should I Hire A Proficient Process Server?

Hiring the services of process servers helps ensure that the legal documents are delivered to the defendant or opposing party on time and the legal matter can be heard by

Computer Forensics and Crime: The Way Forward

Just like DNA profiling and computer forensics helped catch the BTK killer 31 years after his crimes, advanced digital forensics help bring criminals to heel. Regular computer forensics and DNA

How to Prove Descendancy for Membership in DAR

June and July are months that commemorate the “Stars and Stripes” and the American revolution. This is a great time to join several patriotic societies that go above and beyond