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Surviving in the local Chinese market can be a difficult task due to a host of local laws, regulations, policies, and requirements that foreign entities have to comply with. Proper

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Switching or quitting jobs is a common practice all around the world, and China is no exception. Employees often leave the companies they work in for various reasons. For instance,

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The Chinese economy has become the world’s largest, thanks to 30 years of continuous economic growth. The economy enjoyed double digit growth rates before 2013 and even after 2013, its

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A shelf company is a company that’s incorporated and then left without any business activity.  In other words, it’s formed to be shelved. Shelf companies are generally formed with the

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China is expected to surpass the US as the world’s second largest economy by 2020. By Purchasing Power Parity (PPP), it’s already the biggest. There are plenty of reasons for

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FTZs bear an uncanny resemblance to stadiums. You can play almost all kinds of sports in the street, but the ideal place to play has always been the stadium. The

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What Companies Should Know about their Payroll Management

Payroll management is not just a financial duty of an employer, but also a moral one. Employees are dependent on their paychecks, and it is essential that they get paid