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Do CCTV Cameras Prevent Crime?

CCTV cameras provide easy surveillance, whether installed in a residential property or a business facility. These are used by facilities to ensure security checks and monitor the things going around.

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Sexual Misconduct at the Workplace – What has Been Done to Prevent It so Far?

Sexual harassment at the workplace is one of the most common reasons why many people avoid pursuing their passions or applying to specific jobs. Despite the problem being widespread, a

The Aftermath of a Robbery; What to do?

Getting robbed is a nightmare scenario for anyone. Whether we realize it or not, the fear that a potential criminal is eyeing your precious possessions and can steal them from

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Why Civilian Casualties are Still a Problem in the United States

When you think about civilian casualties, the first thing you think about is a war-torn country. However, first-world nations such as the USA also continue to serve as hubs of

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Death Penalty: Why Does it Still Exist in the USA?

While many countries have eliminated this law, the death penalty as capital punishment remains an active law in the USA. Today, there’s a massive debate in the country about whether

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Differences Between a Civil and a Criminal Case

In this US, civil law deals with behavior that leads to an injury to a person or other private party, for example, a corporation. At the same time, criminal law

5 Steps to Take Followed by a Home Robbery

A robbery can leave the inhabitants of a house shaken and emotionally disturbed. A situation of panic can be created in a family affected by a home robbery. One might

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Suspect Abuse in Your Parents’ Nursing Home? What You Should Do

Taking care of our elderly parents is a daunting task that many of us don’t believe we’d be able to handle. It’s a common occurrence to place them in a

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New York’s Crime Rate: Prepare to be Astounded

John Lennon was killed in New York. David Berkowitz committed the Son of Sam murders in New York. And that is just the famous ones.

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Discussing Different Types of Nursing Home Abuse Claims

Statistics show that nursing home abuse is a persistent and severe issue in the United States. An estimated 5 million older Americans are victims of neglect, exploitation, and elder abuse.

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