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Business or Personal Bankruptcy: What is the Difference?

On the surface, corporate and individual bankruptcies operate similarly. However, there are some key differences between the two. Here, we go through the main ones: The means test This is

What Happens if a Person Dies During Bankruptcy Proceedings?

Bankruptcy filings are more common than most people think. Bankruptcy filings hit an all-time peak in the USA in 2005 when over 2 million filed for them. Since then, the

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Why Do Millennials Want Socialism in America?

In recent years, socialism has taken center stage in American politics. Naturally, this is a source of concern for a lot of people who view socialism as a dangerous and

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How Does a Partner Buyout Work

There can be many reasons why one partner decides to buy out their partner’s share by making an offer in return. It could be because the said partner wishes to become

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A Guide To Commercial Bridge Loans

Commercial bridge loans are a sought-after real estate financing solution. If your organization is looking into buying commercial property, chances are, the organization will require some kind of financing. Bridge

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4 Things Debt Collectors Can’t Do

Have you ever been hounded by a debt collector to the point of frustration? You’re not alone. Many debt collectors are known to be uncouth, obnoxious, and often they can