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5 Common Mistakes When Selecting a Digital Forensics Partner

Digital forensics is critical for solving civil and criminal cases, IP theft, and cybersecurity breaches. Unfortunately, many businesses are unaware of what to look for when hiring a professional digital forensics

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4 Success Factors for Cyber Forensics

The field of cyber forensics has experienced dynamic growth worldwide. Its demand and popularity have grown as the digital society evolves. Cyber forensics investigate and analyze cybercrimes by collecting and saving

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Ways Mobile Forensics Can Benefit Your Law Enforcement Agency

Law enforcement agencies across the globe are encouraged to utilize mobile forensics as a tool for investigations. Everyone uses smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices nowadays, and this behavior can

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Applications of Digital Forensics

Digital forensics is the use of computer science and other information technology to analyze, investigate, and collect evidence. It aims to find out what happened in an incident, but its

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Forensic Video and Audio Analysis: How Is It Done?

What is Video and Audio Analysis? Video and audio are two of the digital sources of evidence that can be retrieved from a crime scene, or the witnesses at a

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What Is Video-Based Evidence Analysis?

We live in a digital age. We are constantly surrounded by phones, TV screens, cameras, and other pieces of technology we aren’t even aware of. Digital photos and videos have

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New Tensions Rise between the US & Israel: Iran’s Nuclear Program

The relationship between the US and Israel has mostly been amicable over the years. However, Iran’s Nuclear Program is one factor that puts it at risk. Here’s everything you should

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The Expansion of COVID Vaccine Production: What Does the White House Plan to Do?

On November 17, 2021, the Biden administration announced its plans to expand annual vaccine production to one billion doses. The effort is primarily geared towards providing lower-income countries, most of

Why Forensic Computer Analysis is Important in Bank Fraud Cases

The digital world has changed virtually every business, and the banking economy is no exception. To target organizations and extort revenue, crooks are increasingly relying on computers. According to the

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The Significance of Data Forensics in Criminal Investigation

While we travel and engage with folks, events, and items in the tangible environment, we create evidence of ourselves—fingerprints, eyelashes, clothes strands, DNA, and so on. Likewise, our actions inside the