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What is Judicial Review? Everything You Need to Know about it

A judicial review allows a judge to go over the lawfulness of some action or decision that is taken by some public body such as the Home Office. The judge

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Hiring Challenges Employers Face Due to Missing Foreign Workers in the United States

The lockdowns and fear of recession in the US last year had many consequences, including the unemployment of migrant workers. This didn’t only affect employees but also made it challenging

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Exempting Travel Rules for Unvaccinated Children in the US: What Does the New Policy Say?

Health officials in the US recently announced that unvaccinated children under 18 traveling to the US no longer need to self-quarantine upon arrival. If you’re wondering what these exemptions on

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Can I Change Employers While My Green Card Is Pending?

You wouldn’t be the first employee to think whether you might find a better job with another company or firm – perhaps you want to escape a tyrannical boss, the

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The Impact of COVID-19 on US Immigration

The COVID-19 pandemic, along with its federal response, had a major disruptive effect on virtually every aspect of the US immigration system. Processes such as calculating immigration benefits and overseas

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The Impact of COVID-19 on Non-Citizens in the US

The COVID-19 pandemic spread a great deal of disruption and disorder throughout the United States. This includes the immigration system that has had a severe impact on immigrants and their