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Divorce vs. Legal Separation: Which is Financially Better?

Besides the emotional trauma that comes with the breakdown of a marriage, its financial impact is another challenging aspect. While divorce and legal separation might benefit both partners somehow, let’s

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How Does A Divorce Affect Your Taxes?

If you’re going through a divorce, filing your taxes can be a complicated process. You have to adjust to a whole different tax filing status, which is probable to leave you

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Separation and Divorce During COVID-19

There are times in a relationship where staying together is no longer an option. You and your partner may drift apart, grow into different people, or get into too many

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Divorcing and Owning a Business Together: A Guide

A divorce s always an overwhelming and daunting event in a couple’s life. It impacts the couple emotionally, physically, and financially. From practical and legal problems to emotional upheaval and

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Common Legal Challenges Blended Families Face During the Divorce Process

A family goes through several ups and downs. Remarriages, separations, child custody issues, and divorces are some of the major challenges that blended families face. As of 2019, more than 4 million kids in the US are

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Various Factors That Influence a Divorce Proceeding

Divorce can be stressful for the whole family. However, sometimes, getting a divorce is better than living in an abusive relationship. When a couple mutually decides to end their marriage

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Tax Considerations When Divorcing

Whether you’re in the middle of divorce proceedings or are considering one, division of assets and property between spouses is the one of the most important aspects that you’ll encounter

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5 Factors That Can Make Divorce Proceedings Complicated

Divorce is a painful experience for many couples. Breaking up a marriage is often difficult and can have huge effects on someone’s mental health. However, divorces can also be hard