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Frequently Asked Questions About Certified Translations in the UK

There’s no such thing as a “sworn translator”  in the UK, as it is a common law country and not a civil law country like Germany, France, or Spain. So,

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Benefits of Getting a Translation from A Certified Service

Certified translation services aren’t preferable just because they have the—at times—literal stamp of approval by official spheres. If a professional translator has a certification to back them up, you bet

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7 Certificates You Should Get Translated Before Moving to the UK

The UK has long been a popular destination for expats looking for a fresh start. Moreover, the capital city London is truly global, offering various opportunities for expats looking for

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A Brief Guide to Certified Translations for the DVLA

According to the Department of Transport, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency or DVLA is a governmental organization that grants licenses and registers residents and their vehicles. You must have

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4 Common Mistakes in English to Spanish Translations

The Spanish language has more than 559 million speakers, out of which 460 million are native speakers. For countries where it’s the only official language, producing certified translations of English

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5 Types of Property Damages You Can Obtain Insurance For

If you’ve ever experienced a loss of property, you know the grief and anger that comes with losing possessions. But what might not be so clear is how insurance can

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A Guide to Certified Translations Required for UK University Applications

For overseas students, the steps involved in applying for an undergrad or postgrad in the UK, receiving a conditional offer, and applying for a student visa are replete with bureaucratic

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Botched Surgery? Here’s What You Should Do

Surgeries—cosmetic surgeries in particular—are becoming more and more common, but so are the associated medical blunders. The U.S has the highest number of plastic surgeons in the world, with more

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Do Family Courts Favor Mothers?

There used to be the prevailing presumption that children should live with their mother after a divorce. However, even though some states have stated that women don’t have a custody

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Who’s Responsible for Bike Accidents?

Bikes are considered the most dangerous vehicle globally due to its risks to the rider in case of an accident. An estimated 700 cyclists were killed in bike crashes against