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Do Active Shooter Drills in US Schools Work?

Shooter drills are common in most US high schools. It’s one of the risk management methods to deal with or prevent school shootings as much as possible. However, these drills

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In the Michigan Shooting, What was the School’s Responsibility?

November was a particularly sad month for Americans due to the Michigan school shooting that has become subject to controversies worldwide. The reason behind it is the school’s administration failed

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Why Did NYC Give Non-Citizens the Right to Vote?

If there’s one good news for immigrants in 2021, it’s that they’re now allowed to cast votes in the NYC city elections. You may be wondering what this means for

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New Tensions Rise between the US & Israel: Iran’s Nuclear Program

The relationship between the US and Israel has mostly been amicable over the years. However, Iran’s Nuclear Program is one factor that puts it at risk. Here’s everything you should

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Government’s Response to States Hit by the Deadly US Tornadoes 2021

The deadliest tornado outbreak in the history of the United States left at least 84 dead across six states, including Missouri, Kentucky, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Illinois. The president of the

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Sexual Misconduct at the Workplace – What has Been Done to Prevent It so Far?

Sexual harassment at the workplace is one of the most common reasons why many people avoid pursuing their passions or applying to specific jobs. Despite the problem being widespread, a

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Biden’s Letter to the Federal Trade Commission: What Does It Mean?

President Joe Biden has written a letter to the Federal Trade Commission (FTA) asking them to investigate oil and gas companies for illegal conduct. The move comes after gas prices

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Why Black Women’s Wage Gap is a Problem for Everyone

Black women are the breadwinners of millions of households in the United States. However, they continue to become victims of the existing gender wage gap in the USA. According to

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Why Civilian Casualties are Still a Problem in the United States

When you think about civilian casualties, the first thing you think about is a war-torn country. However, first-world nations such as the USA also continue to serve as hubs of

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The Expansion of COVID Vaccine Production: What Does the White House Plan to Do?

On November 17, 2021, the Biden administration announced its plans to expand annual vaccine production to one billion doses. The effort is primarily geared towards providing lower-income countries, most of

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