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Expanding Vaccine Access and Overcoming Hesitancy

Currently, 57.5 percent of the US population is fully vaccinated, but the vaccine statistics didn’t always look this great. Large groups within the population referred to as anti-vaxxers were highly

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Umbrella Insurance Plans: Are They a Good Idea?

Umbrella insurance LA is a form of excess liability insurance that provides the main policyholder with coverage above and beyond what they have purchased from their primary insurance company. In

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Maintaining the Good Will of the Company Body with ISO Consultation

Goodwill refers to a business’ reputation and is significant enough to be considered an asset on their financial statements. Without getting into the details of calculating it, everyone can recognize

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What You Need To Know About ISO 13485

The evolution of the medical device industry calls for a global standard for the establishment of Quality Management Systems (QMS) and Risk management principles. The ISO 13485 standard is an effective solution

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ISO 13485:2016 Quality Manual: What You Need to Know

A Quality Management System (QMS) is designed to streamline workflows and make business operations more compliant with quality standards.

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Understanding the Concept of Foreseeability in Product Liability Lawsuits

Individuals may suffer injuries while using a product due to its defect or malfunctioning. While this fulfills the first condition for filing a product liability lawsuit, there are several other