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Are We Combating Police Brutality in the USA Yet?

The last couple of years have shown us how police brutality is common in the USA and the extent of danger it poses for civilians in the country. Despite several

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3 Examples of How Protests Have Brought Change in America

Civic engagement has been plummeting for a while now. And it’s because people have lost faith in the system to the point where they feel that their participation makes little

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Why Do Millennials Want Socialism in America?

In recent years, socialism has taken center stage in American politics. Naturally, this is a source of concern for a lot of people who view socialism as a dangerous and

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The Gender Pay Gap: Why is It Still an Issue?

According to Pew Research Center, women earned 84% of what men earned in 2020. In fact, the gender pay gap in the US has remained at the same level for

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BTS of the Vietnam War Protests

Initially, the Vietnam War protests were being held among a group of peaceful activists and leftist intellectuals on college grounds. However, after the United States began bombing NorthVietnam in 1965,