Tax Managment

What Not To Do: Costly Ways Of Avoiding Tax

It’s human nature to pay less and earn more. But doing so can get you in trouble with your government. Taxpayers resort to multiple strategies in an attempt to save

How Can An Offshore Company Lower Your Taxes

Is the tax return you still stinging your pocket and brain? Tired of sponsoring, yet another poorly-formed government tax policy? Investments are supposed to get you good returns not so

Best Countries to Set Up an Offshore Company

Various parameters need to be tested before setting up an offshore company. Things like land, labor, transportation, operational setup, capital requirement, subsidies, etc. need to be considered beforehand. One of

5 Legal Ways to Lower Your Taxes

It’s a sad reality that a lot of us just placidly accept tax liabilities from our payroll as what it is. While taxes do serve a purpose in helping the