Child Care in Crisis: Can Biden’s Plan Save It?

Child Care in Crisis: Can Biden’s Plan Save It?

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Child care is a massive industry in the US. Yet it’s in a significant amount of trouble due to the financial challenges it’s subject to during and after the pandemic. However, President Biden has a plan to save it. Here’s everything we know about it.

Why is US Child Care in Crisis

The pandemic took its toll on every industry and aspect of society, including child care. The regulations to maintain social distances along with unemployment and rising poverty ultimately led to the indefinite closure of child care institutions. The primary reason behind this was the lack of funds and financial resources to operate during a pandemic.

Today, some of these child care organizations have reopened. However, they’re still fighting the challenge of having little to no money every day. A National Association for the Education of Young Children report from November indicates that 56% of child care centers in the US are subject to significant financial losses every day.

Bidens Plan for Child Care

Biden’s plan for child care stems out of the fear of children not being cared for appropriately, parents juggling between balancing work and caring for their kids, and child care employees losing their jobs due to inflation.

This plan includes three primary steps. These include:

  • Introducing an emergency stabilization fund of $25 billion to help closed child care centers cover their major losses and get back on their feet.
  • Offering child care assistance for lower-income families by funding child care subsidies in their areas.
  • Provide families with a total of $4000 of child care tax credit per child.

Will It Work?

Biden’s plan to eliminate the child care crisis is still underway. Therefore, it’s too soon to say whether it’ll work or not.

However, the amount of money and resources going into this initiative show an optimistic image of how child care will look after his plan’s complete implementation.

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