Why Civilian Casualties are Still a Problem in the United States

Why Civilian Casualties are Still a Problem in the United States

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When you think about civilian casualties, the first thing you think about is a war-torn country. However, first-world nations such as the USA also continue to serve as hubs of casualties where thousands of innocent people lose lives every year. Here are three reasons why it’s a problem.


According to a mortality survey in the thirty largest states in the USA, over 74,000 deaths on average are of Black Americans every year. It indicates how racism is the primary and the most significant reason for civilian casualties in the USA.

Despite several amendments to put an end to racism and the widespread promotion of inclusion and diversity in every sector of the country, people continue to make African American individuals subject to physical and mental violence.

In fact, it’s the primary reason why movements such as “Black Lives Matter” need to be talked about more worldwide.


The World Health Organization released a report in 2009, according to which millions of women lose their lives in American every year, which they wouldn’t have if they were men. This shows how the second most common reason for civilian casualties in the USA is sexism and gender-based violence.

While women often die due to tragic accidents, including maternal death and infanticides, other reasons for their death include depression due to psychological abuse, domestic violence, contracting HIV, and the system’s overall inability to provide women with basic health care.


The US has a long history of violence against LGBT people. Therefore, thousands of individuals lose their lives or are often injured due to assaults by anti-LGBT people and organizations.

According to the FBI, there are approximately 7,500  hate crimes against queer individuals in the USA every year. This shows why civilian casualties continue to be a massive problem in the USA.

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