Computer Forensics and Crime: The Way Forward

Computer Forensics and Crime: The Way Forward

Just like DNA profiling and computer forensics helped catch the BTK killer 31 years after his crimes, advanced digital forensics help bring criminals to heel. Regular computer forensics and DNA profiling are now augmented by the advanced tech at our disposal. Mobile forensics, hair bacteria assessment, time-tracing fingerprint technology, 3-D models for victim analysis, and something called Massively Parallel Sequencing (MPS)—which Sheree Hughes-Stamm says is the most advanced new development in forensic science.

But computer forensics is at the heart of the field’s new frontier.

The Internet

The greatest reason why computer forensics is going to solve future crimes—and even prevent them—is the world wide web. These days, people don’t frequent libraries—remember how the killer in the Fincher movie Se7en was caught? The law enforcement agencies were keeping tabs on people borrowing questionable books from a library—such as Helter Skelter.

But who even visits libraries these days?

People—and criminals—do their research online, and store crucial information on their computers (and hard drives, and mobile devices).

Cold Cases


As with the BTK case, many cases from years ago still await resolution. These are cases that couldn’t be solved straight away since the technology simply wasn’t available. However, with the promise that computer forensics brings with it, there’s a possibility that old cases can finally be solved, and victims can finally get the justice they deserve.

Consider, for example, the Matt Baker case. Matt Baker was a Baptist preacher whose wife committed suicide. Tragic, right? Not really. A quick search of Baker’s computer revealed that he had searched for “overdosing sleeping pills” prior to his wife’s death. The “murdering minister” was given 65 years in jail.

Case in Point: School Shootings

There’s already talk about social media monitoring helping catch possible school shooters before they get a chance to act. Social media can help foretell school shootings, but it’s computer forensics that will help prevent fake threat arrests. A quick, thorough search of a possible miscreant’s digital devices can reveal their sinister designs—or a lack thereof.

Computer forensics can, therefore, help weed out idle threats from tangible danger. This helps law enforcement agencies focus their energies where they’re most needed. It also works as a preventive measure, as opposed to a reactive one.

Computer Forensics Experts in Florida

At Eclipse Forensic Services, the experts extract evidence and data from desktops, hard drives, flash drives, laptops, cell phones, and even PDAs. You can get in touch with them to speed up your investigation or give them a call to discuss your case in further detail. Eclipse Forensic Services also offers several other digital forensic services.

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