Countries Offering E-Visa Services

Countries Offering E-Visa Services

When you’re planning a trip to a foreign country, you have to take into account the technicalities involved, like getting the visa, putting together the itinerary and booking accommodation.  Getting a visa approved is a hectic and lengthy process, which drains you out until you’d rather just cancel the trip altogether. With the introduction of e-visas, countries like the Central African Republic has made this process easier for travelers.

To get an e-visa, you apply online on the country’s official visa website, and the processing time is much faster than if you were to apply in person. Many countries have started providing the e-visa service to boost tourism. Here is the list of the countries that offer e-visa services:


Deemed as one of the easiest countries to travel to, Malaysia offers e-visa services to further aid tourists. A single entry visa for most nationals is valid for 30 days, and a multiple entry visa is valid for 14 days only.


Georgia is considered a tourist-friendly country. The e-visa process for Georgia is relatively easy, but the duration of the visa approval differs based on the traveler’s nationality.


Azerbaijan is a great country to visit if you’d like to see magnificent landscapes and scenic views. The country provides e-visa services to tourists on the condition that they book at least one of the tours available.


Cambodia also offers e-visa services. Visitors can apply for an e-visa on the country’s online platform.

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Central African Republic

The Central African Republic has launched its official visa website. Interested people can apply for a visa to the country through the website and pay online. The process is quite easy as you only have to upload your passport and proof of yellow fever vaccination. Nationals exempted from getting a visa to the country can also review their exemption status.

When applying for an e-visa to any country, you should beware of illegitimate websites that are hosted by scammers and hackers. Always apply for an e-visa through the country’s official website.

If you want to plan a trip to the Central African Republic soon, apply for an RCA e-visa on the official website. The terms and conditions of the visas provided are also listed in detail so you can check them. Once your online visa application is submitted, you can then track it on the website too.


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