The Difference Between Car And Motorcycle Insurance

The Difference Between Car And Motorcycle Insurance

Driving a motorcycle and driving a car requires a completely different skillset. Similarly, there’s a vast difference between motorcycle insurance and car insurance.

So if you’ve recently acquired a car insurance policy, it doesn’t mean that it will also cover accidents that happen while you’re driving your motorcycle—and vice versa.

Yes, both policies serve the same purpose—covering medical and other financial expenses in case of an accident. But there are important differences between the two that set them apart.

The following are some stark differences between motorcycle and car insurance for those who are looking to get both:

Different Wheels, Different Insurance Policies

First off, you can’t mix and match two insurance policies hoping they’ll cover both vehicles. All vehicle insurance policies specify the size and number of wheels—making sure the insurance policy can’t be exploited.



When it comes to car insurance, insurance companies and brokers assume that you’ll have passengers onboard—whether it’s a two or four-person car. Hence, in a car insurance policy, the passengers also receive coverage.

Motorcycle insurance policies don’t usually cover passengers by default. So if you choose to have a passenger with you on a motorcycle, you’ll be required to purchase additional insurance coverage.

Time Driven

Your insurance premiums and coverage can be adjusted according to the time you spend driving your vehicle around. It’s generally understood that cars are in possession and in use throughout the year. Hence, the standard auto insurance policy applies to car owners who need to pay a monthly premium throughout the year.

Driving motorcycles, on the other hand, is often limited to a time of year when it’s not too cold. Some people only drive motorcycles on weekends, while others drive them during the warm months. Hence, if you’re spending less time on your motorcycle, you can qualify for cheaper motorcycle insurance with lower premiums.

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