What Are the Different Types of Identity Theft?

What Are the Different Types of Identity Theft?

Have you ever become a victim of an impersonator hacking your identity? If so, you’re certainly not the first nor the last. With the rapid evolution of technology and the advancements it continues to make, it comes as no surprise that people’s personal information is increasingly being targeted.
You may not have realized it, but not being careful with your personal details or oversharing on social media can make it much easier for criminals to access your data. In 2018, 14.4 million consumers became victims of identity theft. Here are different types of identity theft you should know about.

Financial Identity Theft

One of the most frequently occurring identity thefts is a financial one. This crime is usually targeted at a loan, credit card, or purchasing things in the name of someone else. Being a victim of financial identity theft can destroy your credit score, making the process of getting a loan extremely difficult.

You should keep a regular check on your credit history and confirm if it contains the correct information. If you’re having trouble making out any inquiries or creditors against your credit file, you should call for assistance. It could be an attempt to access your personal information for financial gain.

Medical Identity Theft

If someone uses your identity information to get medical care in your name, you’ve become a victim of medical identity theft. Whether it’s medical service, health insurance coverage, or prescription drugs, it could be highly costly and problematic to resolve.

If this happens, medical professionals may update your records with the thief’s medical history. This can be disastrous as the risk of you being treated with inaccurate information increases. It’s difficult to rectify medical records, preventing you from getting the medical care and insurance coverage you need.

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Criminal Identity Theft

This type of theft occurs when someone gives false information to the police once they’re arrested. It can be through a fake ID that the criminal has created. Or they could have gotten state-issued documents that include credentials that were stolen from elsewhere. This type of fraud could mean that criminal charges are filed against you, letting the real criminal go free.

Learning about this crime is usually by chance. For example, when you’re stopped for a trivial traffic violation, you realize that your driving license has been suspended. Or when you receive a court summons. Clearing your record of any criminal charges is quite challenging, as it depends on where the crime occurred and determining the crook’s identity.

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