Do’s and Don’ts of Dealing with The Police

Do’s and Don’ts of Dealing with The Police

Whether you’re at fault or not, there’s a way of dealing with a police officer. Even if you think your arrest is unjust, you can’t afford to act with aggression. This will put you in more of a trouble than you are already in.

Let’s walk you through some arrest etiquettes that will help you avoid trouble:


During a police encounter:

  1. Do pull over as soon as you’re asked. If you continue driving to your destination, the officer will get suspicious of criminal behavior. We don’t even recommend delaying the stop to look for a safe place to pull over. Don’t worry about the safety of the space. Officers are well-trained to choose safe spots to signal you to stop. The moment you see flashing lights, start pulling to the side of the road. Lower the windows immediately, shut the engine, place your hands on the wheel, and wait for the personnel to arrive.
  2. Do keep your hands and other belongings visible. Upon arrival, the officer will ask you to present your car registration and driver’s license. If they’re in the glove box, be sure to inform the officer before reaching the box. Once you’ve taken them out, place your hands back on the steering wheel.


During a police encounter:

  1. Don’t argue with the police. There is no point in explaining to an officer that you’re innocent. They don’t have the legal authority to decide your fate. Save your explanation for the courtroom. In fact, it’s advisable not to engage in any sort of unnecessary conversation. You might end up issuing damaging statements under duress. It’s better to let your attorney do the talking.
  2. Don’t resist arrest. It could make your arrest even more difficult and give the officer a chance to use it against you. Resisting a lawful arrest is illegal in many states. Acting in any way that impedes an officer could be considered an attempt to resist arrest. Don’t stand in an officer’s way. Don’t use force to free yourself. Don’t give the officer fake personal information. Don’t make the officer drag or carry you to make an arrest
  3. Don’t panic. An arrest is not the end of the world and doesn’t mean you’ll spend the rest of your life behind bars. Panicking will only make it worse. Take deep breaths and remind yourself that you’ll get through this. To make things easier, get in touch with a bail bond agent immediately. They’ll rush to rescue and help you post bail as soon as possible.

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