Do Family Courts Favor Mothers?

Do Family Courts Favor Mothers?

There used to be the prevailing presumption that children should live with their mother after a divorce. However, even though some states have stated that women don’t have a custody preference over men, mothers still tend to get custody over fathers when the parents divorce.

While there’s a variance in state laws regarding the considerations that determine custody arrangements, the general rule is that the award for custody has to be in the “best interests of the child.” With the way that marriages are structured, these best interests tend to lie in favor of mothers.

Here’s what the judge looks at when deciding for custody issues:

Primary caregiver

One of the most important factors of deciding upon child custody is determining which parent has played the role of a primary caregiver for their children. This refers to meeting the child’s needs, accepting parental responsibilities, and caring for them.

This standard determines which parents have met most of their child’s needs, such as bathing, feeding, playing, putting to bed, and more. While these tasks may be shared amongst the parents in some families, women are more likely to bear the brunt of the caregiving role even if they’re working full time.

Parent-child bond

Courts factor in the parent and child’s relationship when determining custody as well. Younger children are more likely to have a stronger bond with their mother versus their father. It’s more of a reflection of parenting roles as opposed to a reflection of the father himself.

Mothers are usually the ones who feed their children from birth onwards, allowing for a closer bond to develop. Mothers also tend to stay home with their children more often than fathers, making young children more dependent on their mothers for their basic needs.

Relationship with the parent

Courts determine that it’s best for children to have a meaningful relationship with both their parents. If one parent has tried to poison the relationship between parent and child or attempted to refuse contact between them, they probably won’t fare well without a good reason. Staying civil towards your partner in the presence of your children can make a better case for you in court.

A mother after getting child custody with the help of a lawyer

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