Does the First Amendment Apply to Social Media Companies?

Does the First Amendment Apply to Social Media Companies?

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One of the biggest issues most social media users have with social media platforms today is that they continue to be kicked out of their accounts after saying something seemingly inappropriate. So naturally, this raises whether the First Amendment applies to social media. Read on to learn everything about it.

What’s the First Amendment?

We refer to the US as the land of the free. The primary reason it’s regarded as the land of the free is how it protects its people’s right to freedom of speech. In fact, the First Amendment states that every US citizen is protected by their right to freedom of speech.

As a result, it’s one of the most significant constitutional rights an individual has in the US. This means that if a person isn’t allowed to freely express themselves by the government, they have the right to bring a First Amendment lawsuit against the administration.

Does it Apply to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter?

When you look at the way social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter deactivate people’s accounts or ban them from using their platform after expressing something online, it’s clear how the First Amendment doesn’t apply to social media.

While the First Amendment protects individuals by preventing the government from punishing them from speaking freely, it’s critical to understand that social media companies aren’t government entities. As a result, they’re private companies under no obligation to provide users with their First Amendment Rights.

Why Free Speech isn’t What Social Media Favors

When inquired about this issue, most spokespeople from social media companies state that our platforms support free speech until it leads to endangering people’s lives and physical and mental health. They suggest that their platforms are meant for meaningful conversations and new ideas instead of triggering content that may put one’s life or health at risk.

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