Florida Jails: Better Option than Bail?

Florida Jails: Better Option than Bail?

Most people don’t have any imagining of what jails are like in Florida, largely due to the fact that the only point of reference they have is what they see on TV and the silver screen.

But that begs the question, how bad are jails here, and if given the option to post bail, should you avoid them like the plague?

Harold Hempstead v Florida Prison System

A shocking story revealed in the Miami Herald some years ago shed light on how devastating Florida jails can be.

Harold Hempstead’s account tells us of an inmate who was locked inside a small shower room with the shower turned on—burning hot water. The inmate begged for mercy, screaming as the scalding water burned him. Dade Correctional Institution officers did nothing about this; the inmate died as his skin peeled off his body.

Hempstead correctly called this torture, while the state attorney dismissed it as an “accident.” The inmate, Darren Rainey, never got the justice he deserved. No one was held accountable, no one was convicted. What’s worse, Rainey had been in jail for a small drug charge.

Hempstead was threatened by the staff and put in isolation—among other horrors—for blowing the whistle.

Jail: Never a Good Option

As we’ve made clear in this article already, going to jail is a bad prospect, regardless of the nature or severity of your crime. Jails are unforgiving places, often rife with gang violence and characterized by entrapment—or police manipulation, as it is otherwise called.

Moreover, the chances of developing PTSD are higher when you’re in jail. Depression, anxiety, fear of people, phobias, and more—all are on the cards when you’re confined in one place with questionable people—for even a short period of time.

There’s Another Option

There’s a character in Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities, called Dr. Manette who was jailed for several years in France. Over time, he went mad due to the experience. But Dr. Manette didn’t have what your loved ones in Alachua County and beyond have: the option to post bail.

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