Frequently Asked Questions About Certified Translations in the UK

Frequently Asked Questions About Certified Translations in the UK

There’s no such thing as a “sworn translator”  in the UK, as it is a common law country and not a civil law country like Germany, France, or Spain. So, the process of getting translations for legal purposes can get tricky. 

However, companies accredited by the ATC (Association of Translation Companies) can offer certified translations accepted for official use. While this should clear up some of your concerns about certified translations, let’s answer some of the other FAQs!

1.    Do I Need to Send Original Documents for A Certified Translation?

The simple answer is no, not really. Most professional translation companies in the UK won’t ask you to send them the “original documents.” All you will need is to submit them a clearly scanned copy of the original document through email or a contact form on their website.

However, the document should be scanned appropriately, so there’s no risk of mistakes in the translation. Learn more about the process of ordering a certified translation.

2.    Are There Different Types of Certified Translations?

Different government agencies and organisations in the UK have varying requirements. Some will require a physical stamp and signature, while others will accept a scanned version. You should check with the agency or organisation which type of certified translation they need.

Why is this important? Companies like Translation Online offer both digital and hard copies of your certified translations, but that might not be the case with every company.

However, don’t worry if you have been asked for a ‘sworn translation,’ ‘official translation,’ or ‘certified translation’ because they all typically mean the same thing in the UK.

Learn more about the different types of certified translations.

An official stamp

3.    Will the Certified Translation Be Accepted?

A common concern people have but don’t worry because certified translations by ATC-accredited organisations such as Translation Online are accepted by UK government agencies such as the Home Office, HM Passport Office, DVLA, as well as by UK universities.

4.    How Quickly Can I Get the Translation?

Typically, you can get the certified translation within one or two working days, but if you need it more urgently, Translation Online also offers same-day service as well as service on the weekends.

5.    Will the Translation Have an Official Stamp and Signature?

Certified translations made by ATC-accredited companies will carry the official ATC stamp and signature on digital and hard copies.

About Translation Online

Translation Online is an ATC-accredited online translation company that offers accurate, authentic, and reliably certified translations of a variety of official documents. Contact now to learn more about how they can help you.

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