Getting Compensation for Slip and Fall Accidents in Arkansas

Getting Compensation for Slip and Fall Accidents in Arkansas

Slip and fall injuries can happen just about anywhere, from the workplace to the sidewalk. In fact, fall injuries were ranked the topmost preventable injury in the United States in 2018. With such high odds stacked against you, it’s essential to know what to do if you’re ever on the receiving end of a slip and fall injury.

Before taking the matter to a judge or an insurance company, it’s important to know what the law says so you can achieve fair compensation. There are quite a few factors to keep in mind, with the statute of limitations and proof of negligence being the most important.

Statute of Limitations

A statute of limitation is the time frame in which you are allowed to file a lawsuit. In Arkansas, the law states that a plaintiff has three years to file a lawsuit pertaining to a slip and fall injury, from the time of the incident’s occurrence.

This three-year rule applies for any injuries incurred during the fall, whether physical or material. Essentially, you can sue the defendant even if the only injury you sustained was damage to an expensive phone or watch.

Proof of Negligence

To have a judge grant you compensation, you need irrefutable evidence that the injury caused from the fall was due to the negligence of the property owner.  Normally a personal injury lawyer will gather documentation to prove that the defendant put the plaintiff in harm’s way by being negligent in the area surrounding their property.

Despite proof of injury and negligence, a lot of times, the defendant will counter with claims of comparative negligence. These imply that the plaintiff was also responsible for their injuries due to a lack of precautions.

Comparative negligence claims are a prevalent tactic used by defendants. If the jury agrees that the plaintiff shares partial fault, then you might be entitled to partial compensation instead. This is one of the main reasons why a lot of personal injury lawyers negotiate a settlement outside the courtroom.

Hiring a Lawyer


a client discussing their case with a lawyer

Pursuing a legal claim comes at the cost of your time, energy, and a lot of back and forth with the defendant. It is a harrowing experience that can frustrate anyone who is not well versed with legal jargon. The ideal solution to acquiring compensation for your fall injury is to hire an attorney who is well versed in personal injury lawsuits; they’ll be able to provide you with the right guidance.

A skilled lawyer is your key to a fair trial and compensation for the inconvenience that you had to go through. Lisa Douglas has been helping her clients get justice for years now. Reach out to her to get the compensation you deserve.





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