A Guide to Successful Co-Parenting

A Guide to Successful Co-Parenting

Co-parenting might sound like a scary concept, especially right after splitting from your partner. Creating a home and family takes years of effort and energy, and watching it fall apart can be extremely stressful for the parents and children. However, co-parenting is common in the US, with more than half the families getting remarried or recoupled.

Here’s a guide to navigating this parenting style in case you and your partner have recently separated:

Set your pain aside

To successfully co-parent, you must first set aside your own feelings of anger, hurt, and resentment. Your emotions need to take a backseat compared to your children’s needs. It’s admittedly one of the hardest parts of working together with your ex but builds the foundation of the rest of the co-parenting experience.

Keep your feelings and behavior separate

Your hurt feelings are completely valid, but you need to learn how to control your behavior regardless of how you feel. Motivate yourself by thinking about what’s best for the children. Look at their picture in moments where you feel overwhelmed by your feelings to remind yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Don’t vent to them about your feelings regarding the separation; children should never be burdened with one parents’ pain regarding the other. Find good friends or a therapist to let off some steam with, or maybe try exercising to burn off the anger.

Improve your communication with the co-parent

Establish a conflict-free mode of communication by trying out different methods. You don’t always have to meet in person to discuss things; a quick text can work just as well. Set a business tone to your conversations and remain as cordial as possible without poking at any old scars.

Try to state your desires as requests instead of demands and listen to them when they try to do the same. Try not to veer off-course during conversations and keep them completely kid-focused.

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