How To Help Your Friend Get Out Of Jail


Watching a loved one get arrested and go to jail can be a very stressful time for both, you and the defendant. If you find yourself in such a situation, here’s what you need to do to help your friend get released from jail as soon as possible.

Keep A Clear Head

Before you proceed with helping out your friend, you need to make sure that you are calm and composed enough to handle the situation. Don‘t let your emotions get the best of you during this critical time and keep a clear head in order to figure out what needs to be done.

If the arrest happens in front of you, politely ask the police officer what your friend is being charged with and where they will be taken. Don’t get into an argument at this point or try to stop the arrest from happening as this will only make the situation worse.

Don’t Discuss the Entire Case on a Phone Call

If the arrest took place in your absence and they’re calling you from jail, use this as a chance to extract the most critical information in the limited time you have. While you do need to know why they got arrested in the first place, avoid discussing the entire situation on the phone.

If the defendant calls you to bail them out, it’s best to focus on that instead of quizzing them at length about how they ended up in jail or reprimanding them.

Phone conversations that take place in the jail are usually recorded, and you don’t want the defendant (or yourself) saying something that might threaten their case.

Find out where they are, what they have been charged with, is there someone they need you to reach out to, and what their bail amount is.


Call A Bail Bonds Agency

Now that you’ve gotten the required details, it’s time to take action.

Get in touch with a bail bonds agency immediately instead of gathering cash and driving over to the police station at full speed. Having an expert bail bondsman by your side will significantly speed up the process as they’ll have access to information and resources that you don’t.

A bail bonds agency typically charges approximately 10% of the total bail amount to reach out to the jail, file a request, and have the defendant released in an expedited manner. You’ll simply have to provide them with the basic details you obtained from the telephonic interaction, and they’ll take care of the rest of the work for you. Your friend will be out of jail in no time, after agreeing to appear for their trial on a set date decided by the court.

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