Here’s What Happens if You Don’t Show Up for Court

Here’s What Happens if You Don’t Show Up for Court

You’d think people who were given a chance to appear in court and clear up future complications would grab at the opportunity—but many choose not to face the music.

In 2016, for instance, 4 in 10 people missed their hearings according to the NYC Criminal Court System. The crisis is such that courts have begun to send texts to people. And the losing party, in this case, is not the courts—but you.

If you haven’t considered the consequences of not showing up in court, now would be a good time to begin considering it.

FTAs in Florida

FTA—or the Failure To Appear—is a federal offense in many states and you might even have a warrant for arrest issued in your name in some of these states. In Florida, if you’re charged with an FTA in court, you’ll face the following two consequences:

  • A fine
  • Imprisonment in addition to any existing penalties

Both of these are detailed in the Florida Statute Section 901.31, and neither are penalties any convict would want as additional burden.

Multiple Absences

Missing out on one court appearance is bad enough, and one can only imagine how terrible missing out on multiple appearances would be for a convict on bail. You’ll have a tough time being bonded, and will obviously be regarded as an untrustworthy client by even the best bail bond company in Gainesville, FL. The court itself notifies the bail bond agent involved, and you’ll be tagged under C-Bonds. You become a risk to the bail bond service provider, and will have to suffer severe collateral damage.


The court, you should understand, is not your enemy. It understands if you miss court if it’s reasonable—if you were ill, for instance, your proceeding would be rescheduled. However, you shouldn’t exploit the court’s leniency and treat every court hearing as a top priority. Try to present yourself in court against all the odds, because absence will hurt nobody but you.

Know Your Best Interests

We know that being out on bail isn’t reassuring enough, and that it can induce extreme anxiety. You shouldn’t, however, let this anxiety consume you and stop you from going to court.

The risk factor increases tenfold for you if you’ve had a bail bond posted on your behalf. If you’re seeking a bail bond services provider in Florida that you can rely on, try Lee Calhoun Bail Bonds.

Lee Calhoun has been the legal force behind 500 successful bails, and helps rescue nearly 300 lives each year. With decades of experience in Florida, Lee Calhoun is the man you want to reach out to if you’re seeking bail in Gainesville, Marion, and Alachua County.

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